PAP Project Studio Srl
An "ambitious" project: facing what is with most probabilities the hardest challange of the modern civility: the conversion of the present energy system, based on exhaustible sources, into a bearable system based on renewable energy sources.

We believe that the energy issue is a matter of the highest importance. The energy system, how it is today, has a negative impact on the environment, on the economic, social and politic system, as well as on all the other systems and undersystems. The main objective is to draw public attention on the instability caused by this imbalance, and soon promote a policy for the conversion of the present energy system, unable to ensure a sustainable development in the long-term .

The story
PAP Project Studio was set up in May 2005 by a group of friends who had met at university, determined to pursue the same goal: energetic independence. Nowadays science makes this possible, by means of ecologically efficient solutions which imply the usage of renewable energy sources.

Conversion of the energy system
Promotion of an efficient use of renewable resources
Safeguard and improvement of nature and environment
Sensitize public awareness of a reasonable employment of resources
PAP Project Studio Srl can rely on a team of experts, including engineers, consultants and qualified technicians, willing to offer a wide range of services:

Energy advisory
Plant planning and design
Developing contribution requests
Work production
Construction supervising and coordinating
Installation assigned to experienced firms
Sale of full sets of systems
Supply of certified components and materials
Development and production of assembly systems
Formation and information services about power saving
Self sufficient solutions for the production of solar energy with storage batteries
Solar pumps systems