Welcome to PAP Project Studio Srl website, a company specialized in the promotion, distribution and installation of systems and technologies for the usage of solar energy.

The standard energetic resources are limited and are quickly running out. Therefore, it will be necessary to turn to renewable energies in the medium or long-term period. The sources we have at our disposal comprise the solar energy, the water force and the wind power, the biomass and the geothermy.
These forms of energy are inexhaustible, economic and respectful for the environment. Thanks to intelligent systems for the management and the storage of energy, it will be soon possible to provide power relying exclusively on renewable energetic resources.

The Energy Division of PAP Project Studio Srl has been set up in order to promote new energetic sources as an alternative to fossil fuels so that anyone can produce their own electric power in the full respect of the environment. In order to pursue a strategy of Sustainable Development that would permit to satisfy today's needs without compromising those of the future generations, we focus our attention in the first place on a system of power supply which would be convenient both in terms of environmental impact and from the economic point of view. To this end the measures on energy account adopted by the Government - selling price of the energy produced by the photovoltaic power plant equal to three times one kilowatt hour - are encouraging, they represent an important method to support the usage of renewable energies. PAP Project Studio Srl aims to supply “turnkey” solutions for photovoltaic plants that benefit fom recent tariff incentives - "Account Energy Decree" emanated from the Ministry of Productive Activities on 19th February 2007.

We support this political objective and offer our know-how to win one of the greatest challenges of the years to come.